Friday, December 20, 2013

Welcome Back!

After a two year hiatus from blogging.  I have decided to blog once more about the adventures of getting engaged and married for the second time. Hence, sushipiekidsandme+3 title. It used to be just the sushipiekidsandme, but then I got divorced and met the man of my dreams, who just so happens to have two chickens of his own.  After a year and half of blending our family through the ups and downs that comes with blending four children, we have decided to get married!  I of course desired a quick court house ceremony and beautiful postcards sent announcing our nuptials from somewhere in Europe... I was out voted, 5 to 1.  So, I'm strapping up my Kate Spade pumps and heading out on the adventure of wedding planning, for the second time. 

My first thing to do was spread the word about the upcoming event via Holiday cards.  I figure why not kill two birds with one stone, wouldn't you agree?   Spread holiday cheer and tell people to save the date, all while reducing waste and saving money on postage.  Brillant... If I do say so myself.  So, in about 48 hours all our near and dear friends and family will know whether or not they made the guest list cut.  I have not only sent a lovely picture of our children, but also a tiny reminder of our soon to be wedded bliss.  If you do not receive one, we would have loved to have had you, but the most difficult part of planning a second wedding is it doesn't include my Daddy's Visa.   But don't despair, because if some of the first round picks drop out, you may get picked up as a second round pick, fingers and toes crossed, I know... It's just SO exciting!

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